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– Point of Sale (POS) systems – Coin Validator – Anti-theft systems – Customer counting solution
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– On-site support – Massive deployment – E-learning modules in-store or in the classroom

Equipment distributor and massive deployment // Services // Training // Maintenance // equipment and repair

For nearly 20 years, PEBIX AVEM has served the mass-market retail industry as distributor, installer, and maintainer of in-store information systems. PEBIX AVEM offers its clients the most-reputable brands of equipment. PEBIX AVEM provides storage, integration, setup and maintenance on-site for all its equipment.


Trust PEBIX with an audit of your passive and active infrastructure found in your stores

Wiring closets

  • Availability, configuration
  • Connection status: high/low current
  • Equipment setup: drawings, photos
  • LAN: type, availability
  • ADSL/SDSL connection: router

VDI distribution

  • Different network points tested


  • Audit report
  • Upgrade recommendation

Cash Register / Office Inventory

  • Evaluation: PC, CPU, RAM, OS, HDD, installed programs and anti-virus software
  • Evaluation: Cash register, barcode scanner, payment terminal, receipt printer


French standard NF525 introduces new obligations for merchants!

To combat VAT fraud related to the use of revenue-concealing software, the government has introduced a new law that will take effect January 1, 2018.

It establishes the obligation for all merchants subject to VAT to register their customers’ payments using a certified and secured software or cash register system.

The NF mark (NF 525) is a certification mark delivered by Afnor Certification attesting to the quality and conformity of the product.

What is Afnor Certification?
What does it consist of?

The NF 525 rules enable publishers to propose solutions that make it possible to demonstrate to authorities the reliability and integrity of data recorded using a secured and certified cash register system. For each category, the systems must fulfill the requirements found in the NF 525 certification rules.

Which product categories does this concern?

  • Autonomous cash register machines
  • POS system software
  • Cash management and accounting management systems


  • Petit Bateau
    Petit Bateau
  • Carrefour
  • Jennyfer
  • L'Oréal
  • Naturalia
  • Domino's Pizzas
    Domino’s Pizzas
  • Catalina
  • Parc Asterix
    Parc Asterix
  • La Grande Récré
    La Grande Récré
  • Micromania
  • Go Sport
    Go Sport