Provides you with ongoing support during setup and installation of your hardware and software 

Licensed Training Center

PEBIX AVEM provides ongoing support to its clients during the installation and setup of new software and updates. Relying on its team of specialists from the mass-market retail sector, Pebix uses its know-how to service brands and franchises.

Development of Training Programs

  • In collaboration with the client’s teams, Pebix Avem creates and develops training programs for each category of staff.
  • Further to the training program, educational measures are designed that integrate all relevant materials.

Development of Teaching Materials

Different materials are proposed by Pebix Avem to immerse employees in real-life situations:

  • Creation of innovative materials that enable interaction and dynamic learning through recording of training sessions
  • Creation of E-learning training materials to enable self-managed training and flexible scheduling
  • Development of cheatsheets that display the main processes in a simplified way for storing next to the POS for the benefit of users

User training in conference rooms or in store

  • Manager and cashier training
  • Support to your teams on the POS system on the migration day

Training Support

  • Through its licensing, Pebix Avem oversees training, in part or in full, provided by the relevant training bodies.

User Support via Our Customer Hotline

  • A team of specialists takes the relay post-training to support teams in-store 
  • Hotline resources can be extended and adapted to the deployment requirements.
  • PEBIX AVEM also provides assistance throughout Europe via a network of partners who ensure an identical level of service.